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In 2016, customers at the Limeburners raised an amazing £1125.00 for charity. In early 2017 a presentation was made, at the pub, to The Stowmarket & District Cancer Support Group, to whom the money was gifted. A number of members of the Support Group came along and told us about their wonderful work and everyone had a lovely evening. Here's a picture :   


Not strictly charity, but in March Cat and her dog Daisy were over in the pit and found a poorly Tawny Owl. We took it to Stow vets who tube fed it & put it on anti biotics. They think it may have eaten a poisoned mouse or was ill or had simply not caught enough food. She was starved. Stonham Owl Sanctuary took her a couple of days later, placed her in the 'hospital' wing where they fed her as she built up her body. After a week they put her in an aviary so she could build up her flight muscles. On April 8th, after 3 weeks, we collected her and released her back into the pit. When she realised she should leave the cat box we'd transported her in, she took flight, in silence, and flew high into the trees. She's got a second chance now ... fingers crossed for her. We've put a (very large owl) collection box on the bar for TheSuffolk Owl Sanctuary  Here's the before and after pics.       
In 2015 the Limeburners carried on the tradition of playing poker dice. We raised £1500 for charity, up on last year, and an additional £40 was donated by the Ruffle family, following the sad and unexpected death of Andy, who was a main player in the dice game. Andy's two favourite charities were  the East Anglin Children's Hospice & the East Anglian Air Ambulance, and so in January 2016 the Limeburners donated £770.00 to each of these charities.  

The Limburners was proud to present a donation of £1070.00 to St Elizabeths Hospice following a year (2013) of playing dice ... half the money on prizes for a prize draw and half to charity, plus some extra raised from the bungee jump in 2013 in our car park !!!

We collected again last year and we chose the Sunrise Apeal at Ipswich Hospital. We made a presentation of £1125.00 in January  2015 and had a fun evening with Kate and her husband who joined in playing poker dice, finding out first hand how most of the money is raised !